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21 Mar 2022
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Spesifikasi Karet Garis Karet Anti Slip 021 22683207

Karet Garis Karet Anti Slip

Karet Garis Karet Anti Slip adalah jenis karet persegi modelnya berlubang. Keunggulannya anti slip, sifat karet elastis dapat menahan beban sehingga anti slip.

Selain karet garis, kami juga menyediakan berbagai jenis produk karet lain

Karet Garis Karet Anti Slip

Anti-slip rubber rugs can be worn in any of the following locations or places for safety or security issues to be assured:

· Hospital.

With the condition of many patients suffering from injuries, illness and fatigue, and the officers who have to work deftly, the hospital is required to provide a very high standard for safety. The surface of an anti-slip rubber rug is a great solution or idea for floors and stairs as it will provide anti-slip or slippery safety to patients and staff.

· Home or residence.

In the current area of ​​residence the aesthetic or beauty value is the most noticed value. One of the things that adds to the aesthetic value of a dwelling is the use of marble, ceramic or granite for the floor. Although these floor materials add aesthetic value but in certain areas have a deficiency that is slippery conditions that can make people slip. Here it is important to place anti-slip carpet. Some examples of areas that may require the use of anti-slip rubber rugs are: bathroom, kitchen, terrace, kitchen and stairs.

· Industrial or factory area.

In some areas of production or industrial use of anti-slip rubber carpet is needed.

In addition to the need for factories where the work area is likely to have a lot of puddles or droplets of oil and areas that have high mobility so that sometimes employees have to hurry or huddle the hence the safety factor is needed.

· Sport area

In some areas of the sport the need for anti-slip rubber rug is very important. Some examples of such sports areas such as swimming pool area, jogging area, aerobic area.

The advantages of using anti-slip rubber rugs are the ability of the rubber itself which has a very high friction resistance, and is very useful both for those who use footwear and for people who do not wear footwear so as to avoid accidents and injury to its users .

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